How going ‘Corona-Crazy’ helped fix my car

It’s no secret as to how much extra time everyone has had the last few months to do all their procrastinated projects since the Corona virus became a Nationally Declared Pandemic. Just around my area alone, it seems splurging and dropping some serious cash on new wheels off the lot has been the go-to. But, many also chose to invest in working their way up to Elite rewards from Advanced Auto and grabbing the parts their daily beater has needed for months, even years!

With that being said, I’m happy to announce I’m now an Elite Member for Advanced Auto rewards AND my daily is still running like a turd, but like a better polished turd with less pain. Still coming up with new problems for me to solve every other day, but every part I have been able to get and replace on her has been a new learning experience for me or showing me different ways to get things done that i can now think about moving forward.

Doing what I’m doing now, (or at least some of it), I can honestly say I’m pretty proud of myself. Pushing myself forward and trying not to let this National Pandemic get me in the financial-blues has been difficult but working on my car and blaring my music has been an AMAZING outlet. Especially working on my car the right way. Just in this past week I managed to complete 3 tasks I’ve never done before and ill be honest, it only took watching not even half of a YouTube video.

I know that these are hard and stressful times for everybody in their own ways, but if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed like your head is about to pop; take a step back and close your eyes. We are all going through this together. So whatever the project(s) is that you’ve been putting off for far too long, grab a buddy, grab some beer, and go for it! Make some memories with old friends or new, you control your life path.

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