Summer car maintenance tips

Everyone loves this time of year and the endless possibilities of fun that can be had, but not many think of the impact that the heat can have to their vehicle on those long summer cruises. Give your car the advantage by using these simple route inspections before heading out to the beach during the hottest season.

Service Coolant System – (Not A/C, Radiator, Water Pump, Coolings Fans, etc.) This keeps a circulation mix to keep your engine cool. If it’s not working properly it could overheat. Entire coolant system should be properly flushed and refilled approximately every 24 months, and the concentration, the levels, and condition of he coolant should be routinely checked for consistency. If by yourself, DO NOT remove the rad cap until your engine is completely cooled!

Air Conditioning – This is everyone’s first go-to on the list of things to check. If it hasn’t been used in awhile, it may not be functioning properly or broken and you’re going to want to get this fixed ASAP. Diagnosing can be fairly easy but the system itself can be quite complex which is why it’s best left to be dealt with by a technician or mechanic.

Oil Changes – Change your vehicles oil and oil filter regularly sa specified in the owners’ manual (every cars make and model regulation specifications differ). If a decent amount of time is spent in stop-and-go (long traffic commutes) or short drives are held regularly, I recommend you may want to change it even sooner (every 3,000 miles).

Windshield Wipers – The hot air can dry these suckers out and crack them. Check on these monthly so you’re not surprised one day by some wipers that do absolutely nothing but suck you down.

Batteries – a mechanic would be best to take this to to get inspected properly and tested with the proper tools. To help you perform preliminary inspections, just look at it. Signs for corrosion or loss of fluid. Always wear rumbler gloves and eye protection, and avoid the corrosion/battery acid from the terminals.

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